For those who cherish white juice which color can go from lemon-green to gold and sometimes brown when aged. From sharp white wine to the toasted ones, discover them while staying at one of the...


Red wines have always been part of your family diners or of your barbecues with friends? You might already have your preferences and you will choose the region accordingly. If you don't have any...


Rosé... like the dew in the morning in french (rosée)...  This word and the colour it reveals are so poetic however rosé was not liked for many years whereas it is...


Who does not like bublles? Champagne, Saumur in France, Cava in Spain Espagne, Prosecco or Asti in Italy, Sekt in Germany etc etc. Almost every country now in Europe makes its own sparkling wine....

Sweet wines

Produced all around the world, sweet wines have been enjoyed for many years by rich people, kings, womens... They have many secrets that we hope you will discover when travelling to the different...

Weekend with Japanese and Burgundian flavors

Discover the famous Burgundy region renowned for its wines by staying at a wine estate. Share unique moments with the locals and enjoy the varied landscapes of this world-renowned region. Visit a local restaurant for a fine blend of Japanese and Burgundian flavors

Benvengut in Occitanie !

Discover the Picpoul de Pinet, the wines of Hérault, discover micro-appellations that do not lack character with Wine&Spirit Lodging while staying at the winery. Accommodation, meals, local expert, everything is included !

100% Wellness Bubbles

Let yourself be pampered in this "luxury and wellness" winery. Travel through the Champagne tastings and relax in their wellness area.

Know the secrets of the Loire wines

Discover the Loire region by staying in a wine estate. Explore the vineyards of Valley du Layon and Saumur with an expert who will teach you so much about his region and its wines. Share unique moments in the Loire Valley between vineyards and Loire River !

Discover the mountain wines

A Savoie that is not expected, wines that are not used only for fondue. Discover this atypical region and we can’t be more refreshing!

Sweet escapade in the Bordeaux region

Discover the (re)discovery of the Bordeaux region by staying in wine estates. Travel along the left and right banks with an expert from the region who will teach you so much about its region and its wines. Share unique moments and open unknown doors. Behind each door, a story, a family, a passion to pass on to you.

Lot's Food & Wine

Enjoy the flavors of the region : truffles, foie gras, Malbec. A week-end to savor.

Unravel the mysteries of Jura wines

A region that we do not always think of in the first place to discover wines. And yet an authentic setting between natural circuses, steep landscapes, vineyards on hillsides and meadows where cows feed most naturally for us will give us the famous cheeses of the Jura : the county, the morbieer and many others… blending with delight the local wines : the wines of Arbois, the famous yellow wines. It takes a little knowledge or patience to appreciate all the flavors and typicities of its atypical wines but once you have acquired the basics you will not be able to do without it !

On the wine road of Alsace

Small in size but big in its diversity, Alsace is an endless source of surprises and variety, promising a truly exceptional time! A mythical itinerary, a string of picturesque villages, outstanding landscapes, famous winegrowing villages, passionate winegrowers: the Alsace Wine Route has everything you could wish for in a holiday!

Enjoy the pleasure of Alsace at any season : full of spices, of life, of color, a great destination for wine lovers

Vintage Week-end near Saint-Tropez

Discover the South of France, during a weekend, stay one night in a 4* wine hotel & SPA. Private excursion for wine lovers, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, on board a vintage car, discover the wines of the AOP Côtes de Provence.

Wine tour in Beaujolais

No, it’s not just the new Beaujolais in life! There are also the white Beaujolais, the rosé , the villages and the little known and so delicious Beaujolais Crus ! Discover their tastes and visit one of the most authentic vineyards in France!

Unusual and Gourmet Stay in Saint-Emilion

Sleep in a perched room in an ancient cedar tree with an exceptional view on the vineyard and a direct access to the swimming pool. Wine estate with the appellation of origin Saint-Émilion Grand Cru. Enjoy an unusual and soothing stay to meet nature, discover the wines of the region, the villages and local specialties.

Around Châteauneuf du Pape

Discover the Rhone Valley by staying at a wine estate. Explore the vineyards of the region with an expert who will teach you so much about the region and its wines. Share unique moments in the heart of the Rhône Valley and be charmed by the syrah and grenache grapes so typical of the area.

Wine is obtained by natural or artificial grape fermentation allowing the sugar from the grape to transform into alcohol. The grape can have a black skin or a white (yellowish) skin but the juice is always white! Did you know it? If you drink a red or a rosé it means that the juice has spent some time in contact with the skin of the grape. The skin has many other particularities that it gives to the final wine : it will also give the consistency of the wine (mainly in reds) and its aromas. You bet skins are important!

Of course it is not the only answer to why a wine tastes the way it does : production method, region where the grape was cultivated, techinques used by the wine maker, the oenologue, the producer, the weather, the climate, the grapes used, the orientation of the vineyard, the soil, etc etc all of this that is commonly called the "Terroir" will give the specificity to the wine you will taste in a Wine&Spirit Lodging estate tomorrow. So ready to make your taste buds work?