Make your client live an unforgettable experience staying in the heart of a wine estate!

Wine tourism is growing very quickly all around the world. Every wine tourist discovering a wine region needs a place to stay.
What about making them stay at YOUR place whereas staying in any kind of hotel or any B&B? Immerge your customer in a world that they are passionnate for or help them become ambassador of your incredible occupation as a wine maker by welcoming them at your place !
57% of european tourists going to wine regions prepare their trip on the web. Are you visible enough on the web as a winemaker offering accomodation?

By joining Wine&Spirit Lodging, you are guaranteed to join a network of producers, winemakers who, like you, offer accommodation on site and therefore value your offer as such to these wine lovers and wine tourists.
Wine&Spirit Lodging is also a travel agency specialized in authentic stays at the winery.

Who can join?
1/ you are a producer, a winemaker, a distiller, a cooperator...
2/ you offer accommodation: bed and breakfast, cottages, villas, castle, hotel, campground, unusual accommodation...
3/ your offer includes something related to wine: a visit of the estate or a tasting of your wines or a bottle in the room...

So join us now, 90€ HT/year only !*


*Upon eligibility