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You want to harvest grapes all year round?! You’ve come to the right place! Every purchase gives you the right to have extra grapes. To collect them, sign up to our club, it’s totally free!

Members of our Wine&Spirit Lodging Club enjoy many benefits all year round thanks to our points system. Indeed, 1€ spent on us is equal to 1 grape harvested. You say all right, but what’s the point?

Membership Club WSL

As a start, members of our Club get a 5% discount from their first booking on our website. An advantage that you keep throughout the year and benefit from your room reservations by booking on our website or by contacting us. Once the harvest has begun, you accumulate your points and access different levels that allow you to obtain other privileges.


Once with the producer, give him your membership number (or your email) and you will be automatically credited at the end of your stay. If you gave your number but spent a month, you do not see your clusters on your account. Send us an email and we will help you collect your grapes!

By being a member of Club Wine&Spirit Lodging, you have the chance to get discounts on the purchase of your wines* in most of our areas.

During the year, the Wine&Spirit Lodging team will offer you access to our private sales (privileged rates on some of our stays) but also access to visits of cellars or nights privileges and thus meet you, to exchange and share your common passion.

*Except when it is not mentionned

Membership Club Wine&Spirit Lodging


You have reached 10,000 grapes collected? Congratulations, you are one of our VIP members. By being a VIP member, when you book your rooms on our website, 1 euro spent is now equal to 2 grapes collected!

You will then receive your VIP Membership Card and will benefit from more special offers like being invited in a private wine estate which accomodation is not on sale yet, other special offers and more ... but surprise you are VIP!

VIP Membership Club, Wine&Spirit Lodging

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