Loyalty Program 

Join the Wine&Spirit Lodging Loyalty Program!
Every night you spend at one of our Wine&Spirit Lodging private estate, grapes can be redeemed. 

The enrollment to our membership program is 29,90€*. In exchange you will receive your membership card at home and you will be able to gain grapes at every stay in a Wine&Spirit Lodging estate. You will also receive 2 personalized newsletter during the year based on your interests (sport, culture, wine...).
Fill in the form here and join our membership program! 

From your enrollment, when you spend a night at one of our private wine estate, show your membership card (or give your email if you haven't received it yet) and Wine&Spirit Lodging will credit you 50 grapes per night spent on your account. 
If you showed your membership card to the estate and can't see your extra grapes after 1 month, send us an email and we will help you getting them!  

Win Extra Grapes
Birthdays : 50 grapes more
Anniversaries of membership if renewed : 100 grapes more
Refer a friend : 100 grapes more
After 10 000 grapes, every 2000 grapes : 200 grapes more

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* price including sending fees in European Union countries only. Possible added cost for other destinations.