> How do I check the validity of my Gift Box?
The validity of your gift boxes is written on the gift certificate.
> I have lost my Gift Card, what can I do?
In the event of theft or loss, the beneficiary shall be solely responsible and shall not be entitled to any compensation or replacement.
> I am in possession of a Gift Box, how to book my stay?
We invite you to contact the establishment you are interested in directly to check the possibility of using your gift voucher. The establishment can confirm the reservation by the means of its choice (for example by requesting your email). In order to benefit from the greatest choice of dates and establishments, we invite you to anticipate the date of your stay and not to wait until the last moment to reserve, especially during periods of high attendance.
> I made a reservation but I am unable to do so, how can I modify or cancel it?
By contacting the establishment where you made your reservation.
Please note that the general conditions of use of each establishment apply. If your cancellation is too close to the date of your stay, the property is likely to retain all or part of the required guarantee at the time of booking.
> I have received a Gift Box and wish to extend it, what should I do?
Gift Boxes are not extendable.
> Can I cancel or modify it?
Reservations made on the online shop are non-refundable, non modifiable.
> What is a Gift Box?
A Gift Box is the safest way to please those to whom it is intended.
Choose the amount you would like to allocate to your gift box, starting at 100 euros, and share it with your parents, family, friends, so they can discover an establishment of the brand Wine&spirit Lodging. Or enjoy it even when you feel like it (within the validity of the gift voucher).
> I want to buy a gift box, how to do it?
Directly on the Wine&spirit Lodging website from the online store
> Where can I use my gift box?
The Gift Boxes can be used in all Wine&spirit Lodging brands in France, Europe and around the world. For their use, a reservation with the desired establishment is mandatory.
> What are the arrival and departure times?
Varies by wineries.
> How to join?
All you have to do is register online. Registration is free, so you can immediately accumulate your first clusters from your first stay at a Wine&spirit Lodging.
> How is the amount of my credit clusters calculated?
This is calculated either on the TTC amount you will have spent on accommodation in the domain directly or on the total amount spent when purchasing a stay in our online shop.
Ex 1: purchase of a stay at the online shop for 450 euros TTC you get 450 clusters (900 if you are a VIP member).
Ex 2: your reservation is made directly with the domain, your total stay cost you 590 euros but the stay accommodation only cost 450 euros TTC, you get 450 clusters (900 if you are a VIP member).
Clusters can only be calculated on the amount of your accommodation.
> I stayed at a Wine&spirit Lodging and my grapes were not credited correctly, what should I do?
Simply send us an email with your VIP program member or subscriber number, a copy of your bill for your stay at a Wine&spirit Lodging establishment and we will take care of crediting your clusters to your account. Be careful the clusters are not credited when using a gift voucher.
> How long do my clusters last?
Your clusters remain valid and cumulative as long as you order a gift, a stay – whatever its value - at least once every 2 years. After 2 years, your clusters will be lost.
> Can I adjust with my grapes?
Clusters are never convertible into cash. The expenses combine in clusters and allow you to obtain in exchange various gifts or benefits.

> How do I book my stays?
You can book your stay via our website directly. The loyalty program number or the number of your VIP card can be communicated during your stay. If you have the VIP card, you get a 5% discount on online store reservations. This discount will be applied directly if you are connected to your member space.

> What is the validity date of my card?
Your card requires an annual membership. It is therefore valid as long as you pay the annual contribution to benefit from your benefits.
> How to join?
All you have to do is register online. The cost is 49,90 euros TTC/year including the cost of sending the VIP card and allowing you to enjoy many benefits and deductions. (shipping cost included in the member countries of the European Union. Beyond the additional costs can be added).
> What are my advantages as a VIP member compared to simply joining the loyalty program?
You double the number of clusters accumulated at each of your stays. 1 euro spent = 2 clusters credited to your account (instead of 1)
In addition, you get a 5% discount on the online boutique’s holiday offers.
Finally, you may have the privilege of being invited to private events at Wine&spirit Lodging.