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Huts and lodges in th evineyards of Namibia

Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren created the Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate, a winery located in an oasis in the heart of the Namibian desert at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains. The accommodation is...


Wine from the desert

A desert country of about 820,000 square kilometres where nature and animals are kings, Namibia has attracted colonial powers through these diamond mines. Paradise of photographers, you will find unexpected animal species like the oryx, the golden mole or the solifuge.

Since the 19th century, Namibia has also been home to vine plants. First cultivated by Catholic missionaries in the area of Klein Windhoek.
The Pretoria government will eventually ban the production of grapes in the territory of its Namibian protectorate in order to protect South African producers.
This protectorate is now dissolved and Namibia can now develop its production and create its own wine route the "Namibia’s Wine Route between 2 deserts".

From the Namib Desert to the North, to finish in Kombat, to the Kalahari, a road of 1200 kms seeing certainly the fewest areas in the km of the world.
But it exists and that is what makes it unique!
The grape varieties used are syrah, merlot, pinotage (a typical blend of pinot noir and cinsault in South Africa), cabernet sauvignon and mourvèdre. For whites are used rape and dove.

Séjours viticole en France10 ha
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