Discover the mountain wines

A Savoie that is not expected, wines that are not used only for fondue. Discover this atypical region and we can’t be more refreshing!

Savoie vineyards, a place to rediscover

Attached to France in 1860 just before the phylloxera period, the Savoyard vineyard extends over 4 departments: Savoie, Haute Savoie, Ain and Isère on a large enough surface area to have many differences in terroir and styles of wines produced.

2100 ha   3 AOC 20 Dénominations Géographiques

Vineyards on gentle slopes or more dull, at the foot of mountains, rivers... The vineyards of Savoie are located in exceptional landscapes.

The Savoyard vineyard is almost exclusively located on stony soils resulting from erosion. Some plots are planted on shale soils, as in Cevins. The terroir of the Abymes and Apremont wines, south of Chambéry, was recently planted from the 14th century. Appellattions are AOP Savoie the main one, AOP Roussette de Savoie and AOP Seyssel the most exclusive.

16 million bottles are produced each year in this not negligible vineyard exported 5% abroad but consumed mostly locally. Wines from 25 grape varieties giving this vineyard a unique diversity.

70%  20% 6%4%

Of course fondues, raclettes, tartiflette, croziflette and other mountain specialties will not be unknown to you! The Savoie is mainly cheeses of exceptional quality with raw milk such as the Reblochon also having its AOP, emmenthal... but it is also less known specialties like diots, farçon or berthoud...

You love the mountain and its steep landscapes and you love wines, do not confine yourself to the wines we use to make our most famous gastronomic specialties, discover a panel of exceptional wines, various, on the 3 colors and the sparkling and leave for a new gustatory journey.

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