Vintage Week-end near Saint-Tropez

Discover the South of France, during a weekend, stay one night in a 4* wine hotel & SPA. Private excursion for wine lovers, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, on board a vintage car, discover the wines of the AOP Côtes de Provence.

Around Châteauneuf du Pape

Discover the Rhone Valley by staying at a wine estate. Explore the vineyards of the region with an expert who will teach you so much about the region and its wines. Share unique moments in the heart of the Rhône Valley and be charmed by the syrah and grenache grapes so typical of the area.

Rosé kingdom

Ancestral land where vine culture and wine production developed 2600 years ago when phenicians settled down along the Mediterranean sea. Land of wide spaces and diversity where nature and big cities combine. 

26 500 ha9 AOC 

At the seaside, taking advantage of the sea wind (called here Mistral) and having the amount of sunshine everybody will dream of, Provence is perfectly located surrounded by beautiful natural parks such as the Camargue and the Alpilles on the west, the Southern Alps with the Gorges du Verdon and la Sainte Baume on the east and finally Luberon to the north and the famous Calanques on the south. A privileged natural environment which allows diversity in style of wine from one side of the region to the other.  

Porvenc Wine map

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If we talk about soils, there are many many within the 23 000ha of the region. The biggest appellation AOC Côtes de Provence is 20 000 ha so obviously from one side to the other of the region, the type of wines will be different. To differentiate some particular terroirs, the "terroir denomination" were created like the Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire near Aix en Provence for their red wines, or Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu which name come from its burning stones during the summer. Apart from that you will mainly find limestone soils with sometimes schists, granites or around the Massif des Maures cristalline and red sandstone soils . 

Provencal wines are carried by rosé which is exported above 30%. They represent 5% of worldwide rosé production. You will discover different typicities and different types as Provence is a region where blending is traditionnaly made (except for some isolated cases) with at least 2 cépages minimum. 
For reds discover the beautiful and powerful AOC Bandol, Côtes de Provence or Bellet...
For whites get curious and taste the whites from Cassis or from the dénomination de terroir Côtes de Provence, La Londe.  

88%    9%    4% 

Fougasse (bread with herbs and olives), olive oil, aïoli (garlic mayonnaise), bouillabaisse (fish soup), pissaladière (onion pie), calissons (sweets from Aix en Provence), daube provençale (beef stew with vegetables and herbs), anchoiade (anchovies), panisses (desert from Marseille)…. 

Provence could be summed up too fast to sunshine, seaside, lavender fields and olive trees. Yes of course you will definitely have the chance to see one of those "attraction" during your journey but not only! Provence is also a land of tradition, where worlds sing when you hear the ancients speak. Those worlds resonate among the active youth, proud of its territory but also open minded as it welcomed tourists for centuries. 

Discover the Provencal wine Route staying at the winery : Contact-us to get the perfect trip for you!