Wine tour in Beaujolais

No, it’s not just the new Beaujolais in life! There are also the white Beaujolais, the rosé , the villages and the little known and so delicious Beaujolais Crus ! Discover their tastes and visit one of the most authentic vineyards in France!

A diversity of terroirs 

Beaujolais suffered for a long time that its wines where too light or that they were consumed too early... Well some countries love it that way so Beaujolais Nouveau is still here and being enjoyed around the world! And now Beaujolais is also proud to show its terroirs, its 12 AOC and its 10 crus, all having their style and nestled in picturesque and beautiful sceneries. 

15 600 ha 12 AOC 10 Crus

At the south of Burgundy and a few minutes on the north of Lyon, Beaujolais is unique by its perched villages on the top of hills or in the heart of a small valley along 140kms. Mid mountain, forest and vineyards are typical landscapes and the region will know how to please tourists looking for authenticity. Considered to be the little French Tuscany, south Beaujolais is ideal to discover the different aspects of the region. The vineyard is leaning against the east of Massif central and planted between 180m and 550m high.

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On the north of Beaujolais, "gore" (pinky granite soil from the region) spreads out and that is where we find the famous 10 Crus du Beaujolais. More on the south, argile-limestone and limon-argile soils see the beautiful land of Pierres Dorées (golden stones) caracteristics of the orange nuance that you will see on the houses built with those stones.

1/3 of wines produced are Beaujolais nouveaux. Production is mainly red from gamay of course but we can also find rare whites from chardonnay that you shouldn't miss when traveling here!   

97%      3%

Charolaise meet, charcuteries, cardon (vegetable), charolais and saint félicien (cheeses)...

Who hasn't come to Beaujolais can't expect what to find in term of scenery and kindness of their inhabitants. Staying here is discovering treasures around the corner of a street or admiring what nature has the best to offer. We told you...  

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