Staying at Private Wine Estates: what does it mean? 



No no, it is not the fact of sleeping in the bedroom of the winemaker (male or female), I see you coming ...


Going for a wine-break is the possibility for you to stay in the very heart of the vineyard, where the producer works and creates with patience and care wines that we like to enjoy all along the year. It is a chance to step in beautiful properties, maybe to shake hand of the winemakers, to wake up and read your newspaper facing the vineyards but also to start walking in the vineyards with no hurry what ever the season is. 


Above all it is taking your time to admire, to enjoy the place and the wines (responsibly) staying overnight, with not such a hurry. 


To answer everyone's wine-break expectations, Wine&Spirit Lodging gives you the choice of different accomodation categories (B&B, hotels, campgrounds, villas, lodges, unusual accomodations....) in our beautiful french regions but also abroad so you can find your right match depending on the occasion and your budget. 


I travelled quite a bit around the world and I know how much the vineyards are beautiful that is why, for me, before tasting a wine, I like even more meeting the ones who make it and what environment they are surrounded by.


So I wish you nice discoveries, beautiful travels at our private wine estates!  


Visit, Taste and Stay...