Staying at Private Wine Estates: what does it mean? 



No no, it is not the fact of sleeping in the bedroom of the winemaker (male or female), I see you coming ...


Staying at private wine estate is the possibility to stay in the heart of a vineyard where wines that we enjoy (responsibly), that we like and taste are patiently and kindly produced right at the private wine estate. It is a unique chance to step into beautiful properties, to shake the hand of your favorite winemaker, to wake up or read your newspepaer facing the vineyard or to go for long walks surrounded by vines. 


To help you find out the most appropriate estate, you can go to the advanced search or also let you conducted by the Wine&Spirit qualification in barrels letting you know objectively what services you can expect at the estate*. 


Entry range classification -Wine estate with : parking lot, wifi, heating


Middle range classification - Wine estate having also: a swimming pool + air conditionning + a restaurant or a museum or a spa or a tennis field or an equestrian center or an equivalent service


High range classification - Wine estate having also : eco-friendly behavior + disabled access + kids space

Above all it is taking the time to admire and enjoy the moment staying overnight and being taken care of.
To answer everyone's expectations (couple, families, friends...) , Wine&Spirit Lodging gives you the possibility to choose the type of accomodation that will be more suitable for you (gîtes, B&B, hotels, campings, villas...) while visiting our beautiful french wine regions depending on the season. To keep up on the new estates register to our newsletter
So I wish you wonderful discoveries, amazing travels staying at private wine estates of France and beyond!
Visit, taste, stay...
* The qualification is made, based on what the information the estate has given to Wine&Spirit Lodging at the time of subscription.