Stay at private wine estates


Have you ever dreamed of discovering the winery where your favorite wine or spirit is produced?

And maybe meet the winemaker behind the bottle?

What about planning a wine tasting week-end staying directly at the estate?  

Many winemakers offer the possibility to stay at their place : from the campsite to the 5* hotel, there are options for everone and every budget ! 

As it might be hard to find them, Wine&Spirit Lodging is here to help you! 

Find out that B&B in Provence where the winemaker might welcome you in person with a glass of rosé in hand or this Château in Bordeaux with a view on the Cabernets Sauvignon of the estate! 
Wine&Spirit Lodging invites you to a wine-break as close as possible to the producer, you just have to pick the destination !

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Loyalty program

By joining our Wine&Spirit Lodging Loyalty Program, every time you stay at one of our wine estate, you collect grapes! 1 euro spent = 1 grape collected.

Join us for free or become a VIP member for 49.90euros per year only and double your grapes!